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Hanita Kaushal Image Consulting is a premier professional agency that caters to Men, Women and Youth from all sectors of society.

Hanita Kaushal has been trained to world-class standards as a peerless Image Consultant at Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), by the globally renowned Image Consultant Guru, Judith Rasband. Additionally, her upbringing in an army ambience has inspired her to appreciate and attain gilt-edged standards in deportment, manners, and social skills that project the impeccable value system by which she lives.

Freedom is a conquered state of mind … amplified through a peerless self-image, and in never being afraid to be you! What we do is complement who you are with how well you look! Your professional image is a projection of your possibilities, and we work with infinite finesse to ensure that you are empowered, energised, and emancipated … monumentally transformed … to experience the genesis of gorgeousness !

At the poise point of being and becoming, we help you discover your camouflaged brilliances. Via an automagical metamorphosis, we work on you, in an act of creation, where we take you as you are, and make you what you were meant to be! This is drawing forth the life-force from you as a work of art in evolution !

We see you as a drawing being created by our artistry. The artist in us, keeps you, the drawing, alive; and thus you in turn, as the drawing, give life to the artist, in an infinite sculpting of your new image, where with each sweep of our attention we transform you from being an idea, into becoming an ideal! New perspectives, previously unseen, appear and open up. There’s always a little bit further to go, always something yet unseen. You look supreme !


There is no second chance at making a first impression. We live in a visual culture, and thus how you look determines how well you are received. You cannot look negative and be seen as positive !

In fact, how you look, sets off a chain reaction, for it leads to

  • how you are heard,
  • how you are hired, and
  • how you are heeded !

This is a value chain reacting on your behalf to determine your destiny … for the better !

Although each of us is born with a unique set of genetic instructions, we enter the world as a work in progress and await the deft hand of the ambient culture to sculpt the finishing touches.

Let US be the sculptors that craft the finishing touches on you … for that is the winning edge that will lead to winning outcomes !


The creation of a Winning Image comes from an intricate blend of : * the science of art and the art of science.

You can have every technique in the world, the best products in the world, and the strongest support system in the world, but unless you have the philosophy and a persona that drives you to do the necessary things to make it all work, then nothing works.

It demands a supremely professional touch, one that honours your uniqueness, and portrays it via comprehensive solutions where a multiplicity of factors are integrated into an exquisite synthesis of sensations.

The end result is a YOUnique YOU, one that is ready to enter the challenge spaces of life ! You look like a winner !


In evaluating our clients, we give value to their possibilities. We take them through an auditing process of determining how they look, live, learn, love, and laugh ! We thus identify their self-image and their personal leanings, via their lifestyle, colour preferences, body shape, face shape, wardrobe analysis and their roles and goals in life. This review is carried out to make our clients understand themselves in a new light so that the Image Consultant can guide and groom them towards superlative dimensions of a makeover that might have been unimaginable at the outset of such an encounter… but one that culminates in a reincarnation, where the bliss of growth, the glory of discovery, and the splendour of achievement come together in a beautiful epiphany of exuberances.


Having initially evaluated the image, Hanita identifies the areas where the client needs help with grooming, so as to project the right look and feel of one who is ready to enchant the world. We then tailor-make a package which suits the client with emphasis on clothing(wardrobe styling, custom clothiering, strategic shopping, clothing care and safe storage), make-up(selection, coordination and application), facial skin care, hair care and styling, diet, body language, conversation and communication skills, and social and dining etiquettes that imbue them with good cheer and confidence !


Having chiselled a client’s personality via ‘personalised branding’, we arm and transform him or her with an image or power, poise, and presence, all within an affordable budget !

The world at large lies in wait! What has taken place is

  • a Renaissance of the Senses,
  • a Metamorphosis of the Mind, and
  • a Resurgence of the Spirit !


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Style, Image and You

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Believe it or not! It is a fact that people form an image of you with in first five seconds of an interaction. It is also a fact that all of us do think at times...

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